Saturday, 7 March 2015

A VERY windy Sheffrec CC 25m 2 Up TT - Hatfield Woodhouse

On a lovely sunny day, the legs of Nicola Soden and myself came out on show. It was a beautiful day, I have to say - very lucky for an early Time trial.

Its been about 4 years since I have done a 25m TT and I haven't a clue on how to pace it, except ride as hard as you can for 25 miles.

We warmed up into the wind, and all the little usual niggles go through your mind, like, oops this is feeling hard, ouch I feel weak.  Then you start to warm up and think well ok, that's alreet, we turned back round, and yippeeeeeeee , we had a tail wind, so I knew the last part of the course was going to be a blinder, and that we were going to finish fabulously.

Back at the car, last minute preparations, TT hat on, take the legs off , last sip of drink, and then mosey on up to the start. Once there we watched Iona and Lauryn set off, then sat there taking in the sun, laughing at Stewart still waiting for Peter with one minute to go. 

Nic said she would start her watch at 2 minutes to go, something I couldn't quite work out. So I started mine with 1 to go, all clipped in and 30 to go, we are held up and joking with each other, Nic started off, because I was a bit afraid of the roundabout - I'm not keen on traffic. We set of and round the bout we go, which wasn't at all bad, then Boooommmmm!!!! Into the cross wind!
I took over at the front, and there was no hiding from it, my front wheel was just being taken from me. I am used to riding in the wind with my deep sections and never have an issue, however today could not keep it in a straight line. It is unlike me to not ride on the TT drops - I even dare myself to stay on them around the fastest of corners, but I was almost sitting up! Every lorry that went past caused a whirlwind of air which caused us to weave all over the road. I so nearly pulled over I disliked it so much, BUT I quickly replaced the words with 'Man up' you'll be a laughing stock, just knuckle down.

Nic and I took turns all the way to this weird roundabout, shouting 'Gi up ye Laddy and Lasses' as we passed our team mates on the other side of the road.
Hindsight and knowledge of the course is a wonderful thing. I decided at the first weird roundabout that I was going off to the left. Thankfully I heard Nic shout 'Sandra, where are you going?!' and narrowly avoided a bunny hop across the little island to join her back on track. Again we dug in and worked together. We hit the first 2 windy miles of the course I hated and it was no better. Left at the roundabout took us over the Motorway and back past the start where we passed Lou and Sarah on their way to start and I laughed 'He he he we're nearly finished and they were just starting'.
We were out through the Villages, and into a fairly strong head wind all the way to another weird little roundabout where we saw Alex Deck. A quick wave to her and a shout of 'Hello Alex', then bang bang chicken - a tail wind, marvellous. Nic pushed it on from the roundabout and Boom we were sailing, loved it, boy I thought this is what TT's are about easy hard pedalling and 28-30mph. 4 miles, 3 miles 2 miles, 1.3 then the final sprint, where Nic and I challenged each other to the line, a perfect finish over the line for me and Nic to notch up a nice 01:06:24 which gave us 3rd place....chuffed.

Next up (tomorrow) is Pimbo for Lou, Sarah Nic and I. The season begins and so far good weather, long may it last...

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